Criminal element is destroying the U.S. Constitution, economy

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

First: Executive orders violating any section or portion thereof of the United States Constitution is ILLEGAL

Second: U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest ruled [against indefinate detention] in a landmark decision from the bench along with an injunction without taking the usual 10-day period

Third: Rep. Justin Amash stated openly that the language of the text of the NSA (Prism) act was purposefully withheld from Congress.

Our readers are sadly mistaken about their allegations that the act is constitutional. We are living with a criminal element that has destroyed our Constitution, our economy, our currency, and purposefully has destroyed the middle class, and is now scurrying for cover like the bunch of rodents they are ( I apologize to the good name of rodents).

Elections are meaningless, parties are controlled and contrived. Already a foreign international court has found Bush and Cheney et al. “guilty of massive war crimes.”

And Obama is getting paranoid that he is next on the list having been a “Gunga Din” for the Globalists and their banking buddies who have laid their plans well and have had co-conspirators in our government execute their plans: i.e. Monsanto Freedom clause   [supporting genetically modified crops] in the spending bill is a piece of art.

Milt Farrow
Titusville, Florida
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