Curator of Dead Sea Scrolls will be visiting this week

The Moria International Center, a center for biblical scholarship, formally opens its branch in Costa Rica this week.

Adolfo Roitman, who basically is the curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls, is expected to be present.

The center is associated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and offers training in biblical Hebrew and other topics associated with the bible and Israel.

Roitman, who also is associated with the Moria Center, is expected to describe how to access the scrolls via the Internet.

These are the documents that came to light after the initial discover in a cave by Bedouin herdsmen. That was in 1947, and the search for more document continues.

Roitman is the curator of the  Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. He is a rabbi and obtained his doctorate at the Hebrew University.

The scrolls have been linked, although not conclusively, with residents of Qumran, which is near the 11 caves that contained documents. Many scholars attribute the scrolls to the inhabitants of that community who may have been the Essenes, who represented a branch of Jewish religious philosophy.

Among the scrolls is the earliest copy of the Book of Isaiah, which is in both the Jewish and Christian bibles. This copy was made about 100 B.C.

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