Electronic toys, TV shows are putting citizens to sleep

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Friday’s feature story, which I salute you for raising, is one that I cannot let go by without offering my own perspective!

I believe what has happened in the U.S.A. over the past 24 years is a great “lulling to sleep” of the population.  This has been accomplished by the great race to have the latest, Internet connected phone, that allows us to be in 24/7 contact with everyone else!  Accompanied by an overwhelming and ever evolving assortment of apps to keep us even more distracted from the world around us!  Look around you, from children to the aged, individuals are humped over some electronic device and out of touch with the world around them!  And by the way, every one of these newest phones comes pre-installed with a tracking chip, and amber alert notifications capabilities from the police to YOUR phone!  Hmmm!  Think you can opt out of that function? Not!

Next, would be an endless parade of reality TV shows. What a vast wasteland are these shows!  And, people hang on with great anticipation for the next season, and what that will bring!  These programs, to a great extent in my opinion, contribute much to the dumbing down of America!

And a third observation:  The federal government has been completely and successfully taken over by corporate America!  With more K Street lobbyists to congressional representatives than at any time in the history of this country!  So, who is representing us in the halls of Congress?

And coupled with all of this is a federal government so bloated in size and mission, that it has no relationship to the needs/interests of the average American!  Just look at the size of the NSA building!  And an even larger center being constructed in Utah!  Not to even discuss their secret functions, completely removed from the review of the people, or their congressional representatives!

Finally, a population of citizens that has quietly surrendered it’s most precious Constitutional protections and rights, in hopes of a little more security”- because their government tells them over and over again to be afraid, be very afraid!  Benjamin Franklin would turn over in his grave at this!  And a federal government that is only too happy to take away more of these protections and rights!

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”

Michael Connolly
Santa Cecilia de San Isidro
de Heredia,
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