Filing of online criminal complaints initially limited

Initially only San José residents and those in Limón, San Carlos and Pérez Zeledón will be able to file criminal complaints online, the judiciary said Tuesday. However, officials said they hope to expand the program to 90 percent of the country in five years.

This is the Proyecto Nacional de Fiscalías Electrónicas that is designed to eliminate paperwork in the judicial offices. The II Circuito Judicial de San José  is among the first to take part in the electronic complaint program  that was outlined in a news article Tuesday. That is the judicial circuit that is based at the Tribunales in  Goicoechea where many of the metro area criminal cases are heard.

For expats, the program promises a way to file a judicial complaints from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day. The system also is being set up to allow those involved in a cases to have Internet access.

Now participants and lawyers involved in a criminal case have to show up at the various court houses to obtain the thick case file. If the case is in a Puntarenas court and the individual involved lives in San José, looking at the file requires a long trip.

The Poder Judicial has put up a video HERE to show residents how to file a complaint

In doing so, individuals have to sort through a series of laws that outline the penalties for filing false complaints or for using the names of others.

Judicial officials said Tuesday that the process of filing a complaint can be done by anyone who has a personal digital signature. That is a small plastic card that positively identifies the individual.

Those who do not have such a card and a card reader will have to register before filing a complaint.  Then they will receive a password, said officials.

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