Filter experiment shows city air is far from pure

Downtown San José residents are due for a shock today when the organization Preserve Planet
and the vehicle inspection firm Riteve SyC present their study about air pollution in the metro area.

Already the preliminary information is troubling.

Preserve Planet released two photos of what are being called  pulmón urbano of “city lung.” This is a filter that has been installed at the Antigua Aduana on Calle 23. In just two months the fabric of the filter has blackened, presumably from air pollution.  The presentation today is expected to say exactly what has been in the air. Additional data will come from measurement devices at Universidad Nacional, the organization said.

The Antigua Aduana is adjacent to a popular bus stop, and there is a constant flow of traffic to and from the northern suburbs,

Luis Diego Marín, coordinator of Preserve Planet said in an announcement that the project demonstrates the enormous pollution to which urban residents are exposed.

He questioned if the government was interested in the health of the citizens because officials just reduced the taxes on the importation of second-hand vehicles which are a cause of air pollution.

The organizations also have scientific  experts who will discuss the results.

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