Foreign ministers promise quicker board crossings

Both Costa Rica and Panamá promised Tuesday to take the necessary steps to guarantee a flow of people and trucks across the border.

The meeting between foreign ministers  Enrique Castillo of Costa Rica and  Fernando Núñez Fábrega of Panamá, came as truckers continue to block the border crossing. Costa Rican truckers are upset with what they say is the treatment they received from the Panamá border police.

Some 600 trucks are tied up at Paso Canoas,

Castillo said that he was prepared to go to the legislature to make needed but unspecified changes.

Truckers periodically block the borders as a way of resolving disputes. The most recent blockade started over the weekend.

Also periodically government officials talk about opening up the border. Some expats have had their problems at Paso Canoas, too, when border agents in Panamá demanded air tickets and other documents. The border crossing is popular with perpetual tourists who leave the country every 90 days.

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