Hardly any legislators really read the Patriot Act

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Reader Charles Akin wrote:

“In my opinion the real problem is the fact that many of U.S. citizens are too lazy to keep up with what our elected officials are doing” and “In 2001 George Bush and Dick Cheney crafted the Patriot Act. The act was overwhelming passed in both houses.”

First, the NSA is comprised of secret judges (appointed solely by the chief justice of the Supreme Court), who meet in secret, pass their own laws in secret, and approve national espionage with a near 100 percent approval….in secret!  And the handful of legislators who are part of a small oversight group, are each sworn to secrecy!  So you tell me how the average American citizen is going to find out from their representative what is REALLY going on in the iron clad secrecy that is the NSA!!

Secondly, the Patriot Act is a voluminous piece of legislation that was read in it’s entirety by a few, if any, members of Congress before saying “aye”!   And, it was passed, virtually overnight, during the great fervor of fear and retaliation that Bush, Cheney and Co. whipped up following 9/11.

Wake up, Mr. Akin, you are still in a dream state!

Michael Connolly
Santa Cecilia
de San Isidro de Heredia
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