Holiday Thursday combines themes to honor mothers

With a little bit of luck and planning, a number of Costa Ricans have a five-day weekend coming up.  Thursday is a legal holiday, el Día de la Madre. But Wednesday and Friday are days that might easily be included, depending on available vacation time and office politics.

Not so at the U.S. Embassy, Workers there only will be off Thursday. And certain retail and appliance stores will be open Thursday for that last-minute gift buying.

Costa Rican Mother’s Day is a big deal. Not only is the day a special one for Roman Catholics, but mothers in general are revered in Latin countries.

For Catholics the day marks the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven. And it is no coincidence that the two commemorations go together.

The tourism chamber also is offering special deals for that day, although a bit late.

The Cámera Nacional de Turismo made the announcement Monday and said that some tourism operators and eating places were offering from 10 to 35 percent discounts.

From the offers, it appears that Mom can have a great breakfast in a quiet beach resort, practice some yoga, maybe relax in a hot pool and maybe get coated with mud in a spa. Of course some of the chamber offers are in the Central Valley, too.

The economics ministry already has presented its report of the Mother’s Day shopping pitfalls. The differences in price on some identical items run up to more than 270 percent, the ministry survey found.

Mothers here still are the soul of the home. Even with continuing social changes, many Costa Rican homes are multi-generational with Grandma continuing to be the matriarch.

A.M. Costa Rica will publish both Thursday and Friday, as usual, but the Barrio Otoya offices will be closed Thursday. Telephones will be monitored.

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