Police report they are getting a lot of repeat business

Crooks appear to be able to do the crime and not do the time, at least in the area around La Fortuna.

Some evidence of this exists in the case of an arrest Thursday of  a car full of supermarket theft suspects. The car contained items such as rice, crackers and even toilet paper that appeared to have been stolen. The occupants had been detained in the past a total of more than 50 times, said the Fuerza Pública.

One person had been detained for theft and robbery 23 times. a companion had made the trip to the prosecutor’s office 10 times, Another man had been detained 17 times. Three of the men had no papers, so they were remanded to the Dirección General de Migración. But the driver of the car had no police record, so police just removed the plates from the vehicle, they said.

The second case involved two men who were detained on a home burglary allegation. The crime was in Barrio Los Olivos in La Fortuna. That was Aug. 12. One of the men was remanded to jail for preventative detention because he carried the backpack that contained the stolen items, but a companion was freed.

Two days later, Wednesday, police said they found the companion in another house, this time in the nearby  Barrio Dora. He was again brought to the  Tribunales de Flagrancia in San Carlos.

The judge let him go again, police said.

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