Public response generates email flurry

Operators of a Manuel Antonio real estate project got a painful lesson in email marketing Thursday when their fairly typical and colorful promotional message took on a life of its own.

The email was in the name of Richard Lemire, who identifies himself as founder and general manager of Manuel Antonio Estates. The promotional email his office sent out was not much different than any number that circulate each day.

With one exception. One of the many people who received the message sent a return email asking to be taken off the distribution list. But the Lemire email was so arranged that the return message went to everyone. The original email contained the address of the original distribution list.

This generated a flood or responses from recipients asking to be taken off the list. Each request was copied to every recipient of the original email, generating even more emails of rejection.

Soon thousands of emails were fling back and forth from all over the world. A.M. Costa Rica got more than 100.

As is usually the case,  Lemire included an unsubscribe link at the foot of the email, but many recipients simply responded to the flurry of messages.

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