Region’s cultural officials to walk in Limón parade

An international gathering of culture ministers will meet Saturday in Limón and then participate in the parade that will celebrate the Día de la Persona Negra y la Cultura Costarricense shortly after noon.

The Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud said that culture ministry leaders and their aides were coming from Honduras, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Panamá.

The officials will meet Saturday morning in the building of Correos de Costa Rica, in Limón where the topic will be, among others, the  Orquesta Juvenil Centroamericana and a Caribbean cultural corridor, said the ministry.

The culture corridor is a project of the UnitedNations and a host of international organizations as  well as the Costa Rican ministry.

The visitors will be welcomed by the  Comité Cívico Étnico de Limón this afternoon in the  Hotel Maribú Caribe and then attend the 7 p.m. Festival de Gospel in the Black Star Line. There also is what is called Calypso Moon Light at  Playa Los Baños after the festival at 8 p.m.

All these events are open to the public and free.

The culture corridor is a program to promote tourism, research  and dialogue over diversity and to promote an integration of Caribbean culture from Belize to Panamá, also including the Dominican Republic, said the ministry. The region already is unified to some extent by it food, music, dance, architecture and its heritage, the ministry noted.

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