Seven detained in drug case involving shipments by mail

Anti-drug agents detained three Costa Rican postal workers and the employee of a private courier service Wednesday in an investigation of drug smuggling via the mails.

Two Romanians  and a Lituanian also were detained.

The  Policía de Control de Drogas conducted seven raids and searches. The four Costa Ricans were detained at their workplaces.

Agents said that they received a tip about the presumed drug organization.

Correos de Costa Rica, the national postal service, was used as well as the courier service to send cocaine to Europe and to receive ecstasy pills and LSD from outside the country, said agents.

One raid was at a home in  Pozos de Santa Ana. Another was at  Residencial Montegalán in Rohrmoser. Agents also visited the Escazú branch of the postal service as well as the delivery headquarters in Zapote. There also was a raid at  Carmen de Goicoechea and at the offices of the O.C.S. de Costa Rica Ltda., a private courier service in San José.

The postal workers and the courier service employee were accused of making sure that incoming and outgoing drug shipments did not go through the normal inspection procedures,

The cocaine mainly was going to Holland, agents said.

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