Snowden in not a traitor but willing to risk everything

Snowden in not a traitor
but willing to risk everything

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Thank you for continuing to report on this very important situation and now open discussion.

With respect to Ed Snowden, the issue is not whether he “gave” top secret material to any country, -but the fact that the U.S. and Russia have no extradition agreement.  And who in the world believes that a Russian whistleblower, traitor or otherwise, who arrived and sought asylum in the U.S., the U.S. would return them to Russia?  Not a chance.

Mr. Snowden did break his agreement with the NSA.  I wonder if that contract he signed contained a clause stating that he would be expected to keep confidential the fact that the NSA was breaking the law in almost every endeavor they pursue. Would he have signed on under that agreement? He is not a traitor, but rather a profound conscience for the world, willing to risk everything to bring truth to light.

At this point in time, there is NO evidence that Snowden gave or sold any information to any government, or individual EXCEPT Glenn Greenwald, journalist for the Guardian of the UK. Mr. Greenwald is releasing the information via the media for everyone and anyone to have knowledge of the U.S. illegally spying on the entire world, against all treaties and agreements, and against their own governmental laws, and Constitution. Both of these conscientious individuals have put their lives on the line to out the truth.

There is NO evidence that Mr. Greenwald or Mr. Snowden have received any monetary compensation for this particular information.  Mr. Greenwald gets paid to write news. This is news.

It is interesting that the Justice Department has filed criminal charges against Mr. Snowden. I wonder who is filing criminal charges against the NSA and DHS, for illegal breaking of their contract with the U.S. citizenry?

Mr. Bolton appears to be confused about exactly what Mr. Snowden has done or not done. yet he probably has access to NSA intelligence and could find out the truth if it existed within the realm of the DHS.

An international attorney for the U.N. commented (see RTnews, Aug8th) that Mr. Obama’s cancellation of his scheduled meeting with Mr. Putin is immature, and will do nothing to further resolution of this situation.

Obama’s gamesmanship is certainly lacking in skill and diplomacy. And the conversation is now open for all. Perhaps we can transform all these secrets into a platform for peace. Has it occurred to any governmental agency that if we all mind our own business and quit spying of each other, our criteria for warring could end?

Alana Shaffer
Costa Rica
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