Some in Jacó await return of the convicted pedophile who was deported

Kirk Owen, the convicted pedophile picked up and deported as a visa violator, has been set free in Florida, and the guessing in Jacó is when he will return.

Although he is legally barred from the country for five years, that has not stopped others who have been deported.

Meanwhile, Owen’s fan club in Jacó has characterized him as an innocent man. A personal note posted on Craigslist said that “Somebody here in Costa Rica stuck his nose into somebody else’s business without any other reason than the fact that he wanted attention from the police and the press. And boredom.”

The writer also said “Costa Rica doesn’t need snitches” and that “hopefully Mr. Owen will come back and play catch up with his protagonist.”

The personal ad writer is not exactly correct. Owen was facing local charges in court, including one involving a firearm. In order for him to be deported, those cases had to be dismissed.

The Judicial Investigating Organization, the U.S. Embassy and the Jacó municipal police had received complaints for months. The Dirección General de Migración didn’t move until the agency was embarrassed by a news story in the Spanish-language CRHoy. Owen was picked up the same day as a visa violator.

The man left a fancy vehicle and an expensive home in Costa Rica, so there is an incentive for him to return. Others feel that he is too well known to return, and that he is likely to go elsewhere.  His police record says he weights 400 pounds, so he would stand out in a crowd.

As a convicted pedophile, Owen is required to register as such in Florida if he remains in the state for long. Costa Rica said that it would deny entry to airports and border crossings to persons who are listed by the International Police Agency as having this type of criminal record. However, the system failed to spot Owen the last time he entered the country in July.

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