Sunday was a day to dry out, but more rain predicted for tonight

Sunday saw small amounts of rain except in the northern zone as much of the country dried out for two days of being soaked.

The  Consejo Nacional de Vialidad reported that a lane of the Circunvalación between Hatillo and Pavas collapsed because a corrugated pipe underneath the road also failed. The location is at the  Río María Aguilar, said the Consejo. The road agency said that soil tests will be made today to determine a plan to fix the problem. Meanwhile, traffic is restricted but not halted.

San José saw little rain Sunday after 21.4 millimeters from 7 a.m. Saturday. That’s .85 of an inch. During the same period, an automatic monitor of the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional registered 28.2 millimeters or about 1.1 inches in Santa Bárbara de Heredia. But the total rainfall throughout the country was far less than the predicted 100 millimeters that was forecasts Thursday. But Upala in the northern zone received 17.8 millimeters Sunday, said the weather institute. That’s about .7 of an inch. Hacienda Pinilla in Santa Cruz  received just  6.1 millimeters, slightly less than a quarter of an inch.

In Grecia some residents are trying to salvage what the can from their homes. Reports from there said nine homes had been damages by flooding.  The center of town was flooded Thursday from the heavy rains. Radio 16 in that community published photos of the water.

The weather institute said that there would be possible isolated showers this morning in the south Pacific. Radar shows unsettled conditions offshore. Heavier rains are predicted for the evening in the Pacific, the western part of the Central Valley and the mountains of the Caribbean and northern zone, said the institute.

In the Pacific, the U.S. National Hurricane Center is keeping
an eye on former Tropical Storm Ivo which has degraded into a low pressure area.  The system is off the central Mexican Pacific coast.

Tropical Storm Fernand in moving inland near Veracruz, México, from the Caribbean. It has sustained winds of 50 mph, about 85 kph.

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