Teacher in Turrialba wins top tax collector lottery prize

A teacher in Turrialba has been named the winner of the first lottery run by the tax collectors.

She is  Jeanina Arce V, who gets 25 million colons or about $50,000.

Whether they know it or not, anyone who shops with a credit or debit card are participants in the lottery. This one was the first of five raffles run by the Dirección General de Tributación,  The government agency said it gets the names from banks. Anyone who uses a credit card  or debit card issued in Costa Rica is automatically included, the agency said.

The reason for the lottery is to accumulate the payments so that Tributación can root out tax evaders.

For every 3,000 colons in purchases a card users gets a separate entry with the chance of winning one of seven prizes each month.

The second drawing will be in the middle of September, Tributación said.

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