They didn’t think anyone would become suspicious, did they?

There are some bold drug smugglers on the Pacific. Four more persons have been detained on the high seas in a boat that was captured for the first time last November. There was a new crew, and the suspected leader of the smuggling ring is in jail, but the long-line fishing boat “Capitán Erson” was at sea again.

The former fishing boat was intercepted last Nov. 28 by the Canadian Coast Guard with  U.S. Coast Guard personnel aboard about 350 miles southeast of Cabo Blanco, officials said then.

The boat was crewed by four men, and it carried 1,086 kilograms (2,394 pounds) of cocaine on board, said the Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública. Although the crew was remanded to the custody of prosecutors, a judge in Golfito ordered that the boat be returned to its owner, said the security ministry Monday.

So it was no surprise that the U.S. Navy intercepted the boat again this weekend some 200 miles off of the Isla del Coco near the Galapagos Islands. There was a new crew of four and about a ton of cocaine, said the ministry. Three Costa Ricans and a man presumed to be Nicaragua are in custody on the high seas and being transported to Puntarenas. The architect of the November trip has been identified as  Pedro Pablo Torres Arboleda, who was detained as part of a series of extensive raids last April.

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