Another successful casino birthday bash

Casino Club Colonial marked its 31st birthday Saturday with another elaborate dinner and diversion from mimes to magicians.

The evening extravaganzas are becoming more elaborate when compared with the 30th anniversary last year as the business honed its image as an upscale venue.

Once again. owner Shelby McAdams opened up the line to a five-star buffet to all the casino customers, and the menu contained items that most Costa Ricans have not seen, such as salmon and a chicken dish accented with maracuyá.

The casino holds the Restaurante Magnolia, which is open to the public even if they do not gamble. Restaurant boss Adrián Vera  brought in the well-known German chef Klaus Thalau, to assist.  Thalau of Cartago is best known for his culinary efforts at swank venues in Manuel Antonio.

The celebration was not confined to the restaurant as costumed characters circulated through the casino handing out small gifts. A combo serenaded those playing dice and mechanical roulette.

McAdams is the pioneer casino operator who started with the Colonial in 1982. He circulated all night accepting congratulations from his guests.

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