Drug suspects detained along with $624,920 in cash

Anti-drug agents rolled up Friday what they described as a dispersed international cocaine smuggling ring based at an appliance store in Desamparados.

Agents made arrests in Guachipelín de Escazú, San Rafael Abajo de Desamparados, La Aurora de Alajuelita and San Francisco de Heredia.

The confiscated $624,920 in U.S. dollars and about 4 million colons, about $8,000. They also found 74 kilos of cocaine. Also confiscated were six luxury vehicles and other items, they said.

Agents said the case grew from an anonymous tip in October and the arrest in August of a taxi driver carrying 15 kilos of cocaine in his vehicle.

The organization would obtain drugs in Panamá, bring the merchandise to the Central Valley and then ship the drugs north with other vehicles The Policía Control de Drogas said the arrests bring to 83 the drug organizations broken up this year.

The money was in a home in Guachipelín occupied by a 19-year-old Colombian, agents said. That property also was used to store drugs, they said.

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