Extortion attempts traced to prisoners in La Reforma

The La Reforma prison once again is a criminal hub.  Judicial investigators summarized six cases of extortion originating from the Alajuela lockup.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that inmates with illicit cell telephones have been threatening persons with death unless they make a health money deposit.

Agents said that the crooks appear to be getting a lot of information from the Internet.

The crook would call an individual and identify himself as a hitman with the assignment to kill the person on the other end of the line. The caller would  have personal information such as vehicle color, names of family members and similar, agents said.

The amount demanded ranged upwards for 100,000 colons or about $200. The victim was instructed to deposit the money with a firm that makes money transfers. Most of the funds end up going to Nicaragua, said agents. And the deposits are hard to trace, they said.

Prisoners are a constant source of criminal activity, and officials have been unable to restrict the delivery of cell phones and other contraband.

The best judicial agents can offer is that individuals should keep personal information on the Internet to a minimum and to contact investigators if they are faced with such an extortion attempt, they said.

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