Fake English certificates at center of investigation

In order to obtain a taxi concession at Juan Santamaría airport, a driver has to be able to speak English.

So judicial agents conducted a sweep Monday in an investigation began after information came that a language school was providing English competency certificates for a fee.

The certificates are among the documents that would-be concession holders have to turn in to the Consejo de Transporte Público.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that two individuals associated with the Alajuela language school and 10 individuals who are seeking concessions have been detained. The allegation is using false documents in a legal procedure.

Agents were told that the certificates were for sale at prices from 45.000 to 150,000 colons. That is from about $90 to $300.

The Consejo de Transporte Público is in the process of awarding 100 concessions for airport taxis.

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