Festival in Limón avoided due to fear of street crime

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Being a photographer I suggested to my Tica wife that we go to Limón for the festival this past weekend.  Her response was a firm “no.”  While I was willing to take the risk, she was not.  I find this sad for a number of reasons.

I enjoy the Caribbean culture and the music, but I too, fear being mugged and expensive camera equipment stolen.

Limón has an opportunity to increase revenues from tourism but what cruise line or, for that matter, tourist would want to wager their life on the streets?

Recently, a family member, was working on the coast in an effort to count panthers in the area.  He was beaten and robbed. His bike was stolen.  He was lucky.

I am a permanent resident, and my wife is a native.  It seems like everyday we talk about the deteriorating conditions in our country.  It’s sad.

In the upcoming election, there will be promises made but few kept.  If Costa Rica does not control and improve situations with the next few years, we will become another Mexico . . . a beautiful country where everyone lives in constant fear.

Ken Beedle
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