Five murders took place over the weekend, and there were four traffic deaths

There were five murders between Friday and Sunday.

Neighbors found the body of a Panamanian man, identified by the last name of Wilson, about 7 a.m. Friday, the Judicial Investigating organization said. The scene was in Valle la Estrella, Limón. The body was in a ditch alongside  the road. Agents said the man had been stabbed in the neck.

Saturday judicial agents and Fuerza Pública officers caught up with a man suspected of killing a woman who rejected him. A homeowner found the body of the woman, an employee, when he returned to his residence in Liberia. The woman, identified by the last name of Sánchez, was 23 and died of multiple stab wounds, agents said.

A short time later they located in Barrio Moracia in Liberia the principal suspect, a man who had been rejected by the woman, agents said.

In Guararí, Heredia, gunmen shot down a 19-year-old man, identified by the last name of Carmona, while he still was inside his home, judicial agents said. The gunman or gunmen fired from the public street, agents added.

In Paraíso de Cartago late Saturday a 23-year-old man, identified by the last name of Gomez, died from a knife wound, agents said. He was wounded in a dispute and was pronounce dead on arrival at Hospital Max Peralta. A 19-year-old man, who also suffered a knife wound, was detained in the case at the same hospital.

In Upala two men suffered bullet wounds, one fatally, when they were riding on a motorcycle abut 6 p.m. Saturday. The gunfire came from another vehicle, agents said. Dead was a 58-year-old man with the last name of Tijerino. His 45-year-old companion was hospitalized.

Some individuals who suffered wounds were luckier.

About 2:30 a.m. Saturday a security guard from a fast food restaurant in Curridabat suffered a bullet wound to the back when he struggled with a man who had pulled a gun. Agents reported that the gunman tried to rob the guard of his cell telephone. The guard was treated at Hospital Calderón Guardia.

In Escazú a 24-year-old man with the last name of Alvarado, said he was walking along a public street about 8:30 p.m. when a man and a woman rushed at him from the bushes with the goal of robbing him.

The man suffered a wound in the subsequent struggle, and the assailants fled, said agents.

In another weekend death, a 64-year-old man with the last name of Pérez died when his bicycle was struck by a public bus in Barrio Nájera, Cariari de Pococí,

Judicial agents said that the passenger on a motorcycle died Sunday morning when the vehicle went out of control on the highway from San Isidro to Cajón de Pérez Zeledón. The man was identified by the last name of Rodríguez. He was 24, agents said, and appeared to have been riding the motorcycle without a helmet. He suffered head injuries.

The driver was not hurt seriously, agents said.

About 3:30 a.m. in Dulce Nombre de Tres Ríos a car carrying four persons went out of control. Dead was a 35-year-old man identified by the last name of Torres. The other occupants went to Hospital Calderón Guardia, said agents.

In Santa Ana early Saturday a 37-year-old man identified by the last name of Muñoz died when he was hit by a vehicle whose driver fled the scene.

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