Government promoting telecommuting to ease highway mess

The central government is calling upon its agencies to increase by 400 percent the number of public employees who are working from home. Casa Presidencial has been promoting work-at-home policies, but now that there are serious deficiencies in the metro area road network, officials want the estimated 1,000 persons telecommuting to be increased to 4,000 so that at least that many cars can be taken off the road.

Motorists Friday suffered through another day of bumper-to-bumper travel. Tie ups in the La Sabana area were particularly bad, motorists said. The big problem now is that the Circunvalación is out of service between Hatillo and the Pavas exit. Temporary repairs are not expected to be done for nearly two months.

At the job site, the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad said that workmen were installing pilings along the east bank of the Río María Aguilar to keep the soil from eroding. When that work is done, a similar effort will stabilize the west bank. Then more pilings will be placed in the ground so that temporary bailey bridges can be reinstalled. The road was closed after the soil under temporary bailey bridges began to erode.

At Casa Presidencial Friday,  Alicia Avendaño, director of Gobierno Digital, outlined the central government’s plan to boot telecommuting.

Those now working at home are mainly employees of the  Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad and state banks.

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