How essential is the new logo to promote country?

Several readers have reported that they have trouble understanding the script letters of the country’s new logo.

This is the Esencial Costa Rica slogan reported Wednesday. One reader said he thought the initial letter was a g, so he had trouble understanding what was meant.

The slogan and logo were developed over the last five years with extensive sampling of the public in many countries by companies that are well-recognized in their professions.

Still, the logo appears to have been designed to send three messages at once. For the tourism trade, the idea is to attract visitors. But the commerce ministry also hopes that the new graphic will be a sign of product quality.

And others want the logo to promote innovation and the country’s educated and competent citizens for foreign investment purposes.

These three points are made very clear in a video that also was released Wednesday. It is available HERE!  The video appears to be trying to be all things to all people. There are toucans and surfers, but there also are coffee tasters, office and industrial scenes and the Alajuela statute of Juan Santamaría, which is not the country’s most recognizable feature.

Discussion on the new symbol would be mainly academic if the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo, the Ministerio de Comercio Exterior and other promotional agencies were not going to incorporate it so much into their activities. After all, individuals who give birth to an idea usually are the last to let go of it even if it proves to perform less than expected.

The future of Costa Rican tourism may hang on this graphic.

So what does Esencial Costa Rica or the English Essential Costa Rica say to the potential tourist? What does it say to expats? Editors would like to know, and they welcome your opinions. Send your opinions

By way of comparison, an A.M. Costa Rica editor created a more direct pitch to potential tourists. There is no script text, and the toucan may be overdone, but at least it is not a sloth. Instead of five years, this effort took about five minutes. As the marketing text asks: Which one pulls best.  Editors await your response.

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