Investigators say that vehicles are growing target in Heredia

Heredia investigators say that vehicle thefts and robberies are on the increase in their areas. They blame residents who are too trusting for the problem.

Agents said that they cruise the areas at night and find that vehicles are being left outside the homes, thus making thefts easier.

The Judicial Investigating organization keeps statistics on such crimes They did say that Saturday night was the most important time for such crimes. In August, the agency reported the theft or robbery of 14 automobiles, 11 motorcycles, six fourxfours, two pickups, a truck and two other vehicle types.

In addition to automobiles, motorcycles are high on the shopping list of crooks, they said. The thieves have been known to break into secured parking spots near homes but the majority of the crimes take place on the public streets, agents said.

There are organized gangs that are stealing the vehicles, said the agents. Some gangs are home-grown and live in Heredia.
Others come from San José and other communities specifically to steal cars.

Agents also cautioned motorists against driving alone at night when possible. Robbers stick guns into the faces of motorists and take the vehicles, agents noted. They urged motorists not to resist such crimes.

They also said that workers at car washes sometimes take keys and make copies for later use

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