Lottery marks 40th anniversary of judicial police

The nation’s lottery organization will be honoring judicial investigators on their 40th birthday.

The lottery tickets for the Organismo de Investigación Judicial went on sale this week. The lottery periodically honors various organizations and institutions by featuring graphics on the face of the weekly lottery tickets. The lottery organization, the  Junta de Protección Social, still gets all the money.  Much of the proceeds are distributed to various charities.

The lottery ticket, designed by judicial worker  Manfred Ávila Chávez, displays a photo of the judicial police building, which is the middle of the three multi-story structures in the San José court complex. Each ticket sells for 800 colons, about $1.60, but they usually are purchased in groups.

The winner has to have a ticket with the correct three digit series and the correct two digit lottery ticket number. Drawings are televised Sundays.

The judicial police are an agency of the courts in the Costa Rican legal system.

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