Maintenance is way beyond understanding of road agency

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

You could fill 20 pages of A.M. Costa Rica articles on similar situations [HERE!}, with different maintenance failures in each story each day for a year, probably.

Maintenance is a hypothetical activity mostly observed in the breach here in Costa Rica.  I suspect that that’s an esencial Tico attribute, with exceptions found mainly in U.S. and other developed-country owned and managed businesses.

The Consejo Nacional de Vialidad is the designated entity responsible for maintenance of national roadways, and a proposal has been made, and reported in A.M. Costa Rica, La Nación, and other public media to remove all of CONAVI’s new construction responsibilities so that they concentrate on maintenance.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a clue what that consists of. There are guard rails along principal highways that have been torn apart in accidents years ago and which still stay in place, presenting a serious hazard should any future accident occur at the same location, possibly impaling passengers in a crash.  And the other part of that proposal is for new construction to be administered at the ministerial level.  Good luck!

We pay more for our annual vehicle registration (marchamos) than other countries in Central America, and I paid last December about five times for my 2013 marchamos more than I used to pay in Virginia for annual registration of my Volvo station wagon three years ago for a car of the same year (now three years older).  And mysteriously, the value of my car had increased greatly in value from the year before, according to Hacienda, just so that they could collect more taxes.

It’s incredible that Costa Ricans put up with such poor performance from their government, but they seem to be resigned to mediocrity from government agencies and their employees.  From Zapote to Peñas Blancas.

Loren B. Ford
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