Police get new shipment of vehicles and equipment

The security ministry and the Fuerza Pública showed off 26 new vehicles, including a bus, Wednesday, and officials said more were on the way.

The ministry also has purchased 376 reflective vests, 181 protective vests and 229 hydration vests. The later are of the type that hikers or marathon runners use to carry a personal water supply. The cost was 900 million colons, or about $1.8 million.

Officials said that the new vehicles were part of a strategy to cover more territory. However, 20 of the vehicles will remain in San José, and five will be assigned to police in Limón province.

Juan José Andrade, the director general of the Fuerza Pública, said that more cars and equipment were on the way.

He said the vehicles and equipment would be assigned according to a map of criminal incidents that is being maintained by the police.

The hydration vests would be useful to officers assigned to chop marijuana plants in the high Talamancas or perhaps for those on patrol along the northern border with Nicaragua.

The Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y  Seguridad Pública has been maintaining patrols and   an outpost on Isla Calero, which is the center of a territorial dispute with the Nicaraguan government.

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