President seeking support for United Nations and OAS

President Laura Chinchilla plans to meet with Ban ki-Moon, secretary general of the United Nations, and José Miguel Insulza of the Organization of American States this week.

She is seeking help after the government of Nicaragua violated sanctions laid down by the World Court in The Hague and punched through two channels from the Río San Juan to the Caribbean.

She is not likely to get an extensive hearing because the United Nations is deeply involved in the situation in Syria.

The main adversary is Daniel Ortega, the Nicaragua president, who each day makes more outrageous claims.

Ortega distracted Costa Rican officials by seeking to reclaim Guanacaste, which voted to join with Costa Rica in 1824. He also is involved in a maritime dispute with Colombia, which is choosing to ignore a World Court ruling giving Nicaragua some 75,000 square miles of ocean, which may be rich in petroleum.

If Nicaragua will not accept the World Court ruling, Ortega said that San Andres and adjacent islands will be reclaimed by his country. The islands are off the Nicaragua east coast in the Caribbean.

Casa Presidencial here has yet to explain fully how Nicaragua could dredge two channels at the Isla Calero without these efforts becoming known to Costa Rican police stationed in the area.

The foreign ministry outlined its case against Nicaragua to foreign diplomats accredited here in a session Friday.

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