Restrict prisoners’ phones, not the public’s information

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

It is ludicrous to accept the contention from prison officials that they can’t control the entry of cell phones into prison facilities.  One can’t enter a bank with a cell phone without setting off alarms. Why should prison security be less effective?

Even if it is impossible to keep the phones out, however, there are devices that can jam cell phone signals that are used in some movie theaters and by law enforcement officials to prevent triggering of explosives.  Perhaps such devices should be installed in prisons.  While this would prevent prison employees from using their own cell phones, dedicated land lines could be installed for their use (if it is even appropriate for them to take or make personal calls while on prison grounds).

The answer is not to tell the world not to put personal information on the Internet (a lot of it is out there, much in public records such as vehicle registrations, anyway).  The prisoners are the ones whose rights should be restricted.

Gray Rivers
Santa Bárbara, Heredia
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