Road problems and landslides reported all over the country

When it rains, it pours, road damage, that is.

The Consejo Nacional de Vialidad reports at least 20 locations where landslides, damage drains and undermining have made highway travel difficult.

The most spectacular is at the la Paz waterfall where a road connecting Nuevo Cinchona and Varablanca is closed to all but emergency traffic.  A surge of water took out a bailey bridge that was installed shortly after the Cinchona earthquake Jan. 8, 2009.

The highway agency said that machinery had graded a path through the river that some vehicles could use. But it may be more than two weeks before another bridge is installed, they said.

Most of the landslides are small enough so that at least one lane of a roadway is open to traffic. The problems seem to be all over the country, including Buenos Aires de Puntarenas, Liberia, Cañas and Guápiles.

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