Sala IV expands rulings on arsenic in drinking water

The Sala IV issued another decision on arsenic in the nation’s water Monday.

The Poder Judicial issued a short summary that appears to say that the high court has amplified its ruling involving Guanacaste and has told the Ministerio de Salud to monitor all the public water systems in the country.

The health ministry has five days to comply and issue instructions so that in nine months every water system will be checked for arsenic, which is naturally occurring in Costa Rica. A standard that resulted in monitoring of water systems serving 50,000 or more persons was discarded, and the court extended this protection to every water system, according to the summary.

The decision was based on the right of citizens to a healthy environment, according to the summary.

Earlier, the Sala IV constitutional court ordered various ministries to take steps to eliminate arsenic in domestic water in the Cañas area and other locations in Guanacaste and the northern zone. It appears that bids are being accepted for filters.

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