Small business gets its own emblem

Costa Rican officials have created a symbol so that small and medium companies that are registered as such can show the world that they are.

The firms are  those that have registered as pequeñas y medianas empresas known as PYMES.

The  Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Comercio and the Instituto de Normas Técnicas de Costa Rica have created this symbol or seal that can be put on the company letterhead and so on packaging for products.

The symbol is supposed to denote quality or adherence to environmental standards. There are four different types.

The PYMES are companies that have proved that they are paying taxes and also have provided the economics ministry with data about ownership. In exchange, those that are incorporated do not have to pay the annual corporation fee.

The companies also have an advantage when seeking business from  the central government, and they are promised quick payment by the officials.

There also are low-cost loan programs for these companies.

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