Soccer fans hope Costa Rica qualifies for World Cup Tuesday

Costa Rican soccer fans already are doing the math to see how Costa Rica could qualify this week for a World Cup berth.

There are another series of qualifying matches Tuesday. Costa Rica, fresh from a 3-1 victory over the United States Friday, goes to Jamaica. The U.S. hosts México. Honduras is at home playing Panamá.

The Costa Rican pundits want a victory in Jamaica and a defeat for México at the hands of the U.S. national team. If Honduras, now in third place, falls to Panamá, Costa Rica will have accumulated enough points to qualify.

Costa Rica bumped the U.S. out of first place with the victory Friday at the Estadio Nacional. Costa Rica has never lost a World Cup qualifier to the U.S. at home. The U.S. had had a 12-gaming winning streak.

Friday Costa Rica was ahead two goals before the U.S. made its only score. Late in the game it added the insurance goal.

But there was some bad news for the Ticos. Keilor Navas and Christian Bolaños have been suspended for the Tuesday game because they each received two yellow cards in the Friday game.

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