Telephone rates going up

The Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones has approved an 80 percent increase in monthly rates of fixed-line devices. The basic rate of 1,850 colons ($3.70) will go to 3.339 colons ($6.68) when the decision is published in the official newspaper. There also is an increase in the cost of each call between fixed line phones. That rate is going from 4.2 colons per call to 7.6 colons per call. That’s about an 85 percent increase. However, the decision also cut the cost of a phone call from a fixed line to a cellular phone from 30 close to 21.9 colons each.

Despite the increases, the rate-setting agency said the average consumer would see an increase of about 26 percent a month.  That is because there are varying amounts of free calls.

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