Tico soccer achievement impressive for small nation

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

You have to appreciate the team and national effort of Costa Rica as it enters the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Yes, fútbol or soccer is not a game many Americans follow, but I assure you that in this country EVERY eye was glued to the television set last night, including mine.

What is really impressive is the country only has 4.6 million people yet beat out Mexico (whose population in Mexico City alone is almost four times the size of Costa Rica). Costa Rica finished second behind the United States after leading the division. They were tied last night in the last minute of their game. The United States, with a population approaching 400 million, has an excellent team, but when you considered the numbers, Costa Rica’s team is really impressive.

So, this Gringo is GO Tico’s.

Ken Beedle
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