U.S. soccer team likely to get a really frigid reception Friday

There is little chance of snow Friday at the Estadio Nacional, and that’s just fine with the Costa Rican national soccer team.

These are the players who found out about winter the hard way last March 22 when they played the U.S. team in typical Colorado weather at  Commerce City near Denver.

Unlike American football, the Costa Rican team wanted to stop the action when flakes began littering the Dick’s Sporting Goods Park field. Fans and sports commentators in Costa Rica were outraged that the officials continued the play, particularly since Costa Rica lost.

The weather was not exactly that found frequently in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The television cameras could still view the field. But snow is alien to Costa Ricans.

So Costa Ricans are looking for revenge for what they see as some kind of cheating.

Costa Rican women frequently can be heard sympathizing with the players because they had to wear light clothing and play in the snow.

Some Costa Ricans have threatened some kind of action Friday, perhaps slowing the arrival of the U.S. team to the stadium.   The Fuerza Pública said that it plans tighter controls this Friday than normal.

The stadium crowd should be at least rowdy. The teams are in the homestretch now in trying to win a berth for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The U.S. team is first in the region. Costa Rica is second. Three teams are sure to go. The fourth place team will have to compete with a team from another region in order to get a berth.

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