Unique missile sculpture presses case against plastic

Environmentalists will be punctuating their call against discarded plastic bottles with a 12-meter (nearly 40-foot) sculpture of a missile made out of the same material.

The missile is designed to show that Costa Rica is bombarded every minute by 1,200 discarded plastic bottles, according to the organizers of the demonstration, Preserve Planet.

Artist Francesco Bracci created the plastic bottle missile, said Preserve Planet. It will be on display this morning on the downtown pedestrian walkway between calles 9 and 11. The sculpture contains 8,000 bottles, said the organization.

Another organization also is involved. It is called Plastic Pollution Coalition, according to a news release.

Preserve planet said that an estimated 93 percent of plastic containers are discarded and not recycled. They go into rivers and oceans, it said.

Periodically environmentalists call for deposits on plastic bottles. That may be the topic of a press conference Preserve Planet plans near the missile this morning.

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