Water bottle preferred over those hydration vests

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

While I am all in favor of supporting the police, I think the citizen deserves to get the most bang for his tax dollar. The U.S. military is just as at fault with this as the Costa Rican police force. The culprit is the hydration vest. I found them online for no less than $45. The cost of a refillable plastic water bottle in bulk: 45 cents.

The cost of a refillable aluminum water bottle: around $2.50 in bulk. The cost of a back pack: $20 and under (retail).  For under $25, you can have a back pack which you can carry several items and a water bottle, or for twice as much you can have a hydration vest that you can carry only water, which is being heated by your body heat. If politicians were spending their own money, which should they buy?

Dan Jackson
Calhnan, Colorado
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