A jewel of a barrio is on the agenda for a walking tour Oct. 19

There is a jewel of a barrio that has not yet been traversed by a troop led by Andrés Fernández, an architect and historian.

But Barrio Escalante is on the agenda for Oct. 19.

Fernández is the man who has led walking tours of the capital’s churches, barrios Amón and México and Los Yoses.

The emphasis is on the architecture, the origins of the residential areas and the history. The expeditions are sponsored by Alianza  Francesa, the French cultural organization.

According to an announcement, Barrio Escalante was founded by a family of that name around 1940 when the land began to change from coffee farms.

The tour also is part of the celebration of the 200th birthday of San José and begins at 9 a.m. Prior registration with Alianza  Francesa is required, and the fee is 18,000 colons for the public and 15,000 colons for Alianza members. That includes brunch at the Bar Buenos Aires at Avenida 11 and Calle 23, just north of the Santa Teresita church and at the western border of Barrio Escalante.

The barrio is one of the few to have its own Web page.Today it has mixed commercial and residential use. In the 1940s it was to where the rich moved, and the architecture reflects this.

The barrio is some 52 blocks bordered on the north by the Río Torres, on the east by Calle 37 and to the south by Avenida Central. The barrio contains the Antigua Aduana, which has been reborn as a place for dance, theater and exhibitions.

The barrio also is known for the Farolito, the street lamp in a traffic circle that is used as a point of reference, as well as Parque Francia.

Reservations can be made at the Alianza  Francesa locations in Barrio Amón, la Sabana or Heredia. The organization plans a similar tour in Santo Domingo de Heredia Dec. 7

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