Brother of missing journalist has a plan to help others

The family of missing British journalist Michael Dixon will mark Friday four years since he vanished in Costa Rica with no trace. But the man’s brother is taking action.

Despite many promises by Costa Rican authorities, the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office and British police to take action, there was no proper investigation and Dixon’s family face never knowing what happened to their loved one.

Up to 500 British citizens go missing abroad each year.

But unless there is media pressure, as in the case of Madeline McCann, British authorities seem not to care.

Michael’s brother, David Dixon, an IT specialist in London, thinks people deserve better.

He said he is planning to launch a new non-profit organization, the International Missing People Group, to help families around the world who are left to their own devices when their worst fears come true.

Experts agree with him that there should be a global organization to tackle the problem, he said.

They include Sigifredo Perez, the director of INSARAG Americas, a U.N. search and rescue body; Robert J. Koester, a search and rescue specialist and the author of the book “Lost Person Behavior;” and Mark Cleverly, the director of Public Safety Solutions at IBM.

David Dixon now wants British and Costa Rican authorities to endorse the project in order to make International Missing People Group the best it can be.

“When we tried to find Michael, we were fobbed off by diplomats and policemen. We were ripped off by private detectives and blackmailed by bogus informers. We had no idea how to hire a professional search and rescue team, how to organize a media campaign or how to contact other families looking for their loved ones,” David Dixon said.

“The past four years have taught us a lot. IMPG will give families the tools to tackle these issues,” he added.

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