Carnaval is off to slow start, as Limón gears up for weekend

Carnaval started in Limón this weekend, but it wasn’t exactly in full swing. The bomberos were in the process of washing their boat, the vendors were drowsy in their rocking chairs, and no one seemed to know where the activities were.

The mechanical rides were working but not even half full, like they were in test mode. A schedule of activities was nowhere to be found.

The only thing that was swinging was Big Boy baseball stadium. Two dollars bought a ticket to see a double header between the visiting Siquirres team and Limón.  Siquirres won the first game 8-7. The second game was delayed by two females fighting in the stands, when the umpire yelled out “strike,” they obeyed.

Casey Bahr of San Isidro de El General drove his family six hours to see the festivities. “There wasn’t a lot going on Carnaval-wise but it was interesting to see the people and the architecture.” Bahr, the author of  “A Dull Roar,” a Costa Rica blog, drove to Limón expecting to see dancing in the streets and children on parade but left a bit unsatisfied after a walking tour of the city left him with only hearing one reggae song and none of the famous Limón party atmosphere. “I’ll be back next year but maybe during the weekend of the Gran Carnaval,”  Bahr said.

Carnaval goes through next Sunday,  and the grand parade is at noon Saturday.

There is increased traffic in the streets which can be dangerous to both the pedestrians and drivers. Sunday an unidentified man was struck by a car in front of the Hospital Tony Facio. He was quickly placed on a gurney and carried by foot into the emergency room.

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