Coffee chamber seeking to regain market share

The Cámara de Tostadores de Café has launched a campaign “Viva el Café” to stimulate consumption within the country. The chamber said that Costa Ricans are the second biggest market for the country’s coffee.

José Manuel Hernando, chamber president, was quoted as saying in a release that coffee also felt the effects of the economic deacceleration. He said coffee producers and marketers were challenged to maintain the preference for coffee in the face of other drinks and the family budget.

Local consumption dropped from 420,000 sacks in the 2006 to 2007 harvest to 403,752 sacks in 2012 to 2013, said the chamber. The purpose of the campaign is to tell the consumer about the benefits of coffee as a natural drink, Hernando added. Bags run from 60 to 70 kilos each.

The chamber is investing 50 million colons, about $100,000 in the campaign raised from the members.

The messages are in Spanish, but say “Drink coffee and live with energy. Try it before exercise,” “Drink coffee and live connected. Drink it before going to work or studying” and “Drink coffee and live with passion: You will begin with the energy that natural coffee gives you.” The slogans are much more effective in Spanish.

Among other venues, the campaign will be posted in buses. Hernando said that chamber members provide about 95 percent of the coffee consumed here. He said that in addition to the economy, the industry faces problems from the roya de cafe epidemic in which a coffee rust fungus damages the plant.

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