Corte de Justicia president confirmed for a new term of eight years

Zarela Villanueva Monge, the president of the Corte Suprema de Justicia, has been re-elected to her position as magistrate of the Sala II. She has served there since 1989, and she now has a new eight-year term.

The re-election was by 44 favorable votes. There were 47 lawmakers present. She requested reappointment and most likely will be sworn in today.

One person who did not vote was Luis Gerardo Villanueva, a lawmaker for the Partido Liberación Nacional and the brother of the magistrate. He declined to participate, as is the custom when there is a conflict of interest.

There was no organized opposition from other political parties.

The magistrate served as a mayor in Turrialba and also as a labor court and criminal court judge. She has a master’s degree in family violence and a law degree.

She had served in the No. 2 position in the supreme court since 2010 and was selected to fill the vacancy created by the death of Luis Paulino Mora Mora in February.

The Sala II handles labor cases and family matters. The Corte Supreme has 22 magistrates in four sections.

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