Costa Ricans have complaints similar to what expats say

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

It is always humorous to read many of the expats complaints about almost everything under the sun and then read those who either defend Costa Rica or, better yet, tell the complainants to get over it. They say Costa Rican’s made their country and all should accept things as they are.

Too me, this seems insulting! I may be a Gringo, but, my wife and her entire family are Tico/Ticas. AND, psssst, they are upset with all the same things. Do expats think Ticos are idiots!? Do they think Tico/Ticas get better services than expats? It is just the opposite. Most folks nowadays are greed-driven, and when they see Gringos, they see dollars. When my wife and I go here and there, I get the attention in most instances. Costa Rica has all the problems that all other governments have that have massive amounts of debt, and under those circumstance, problems can never be fixed.

I see what is up with the U.S.A. When the alleged world’s only superpower country has $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities and continues growing the debt, the smaller countries like Costa Rica see that the key to living in this phony Monopoly world is the printing of dollars too.  I’ll just take comfort that my Tico dollars are so colorful ! The U.S. just added a dash of color recently, but, nothing like my colons.

Worldwide the people seem to elect the worst of the worst. Seems that the greedy by in large have the assets to buy votes over the poorer folks who run, and once in position use it to become super rich. In the U.S.  “60 Minutes” pointed out that Pelosis and Boehner used inside information and made mega millions. At least many of Costa Rican leaders end up in prison!

When in Rome ! You know the rest !

Bob Shakerdge


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