Country continues to have highest prices for gasoline

Costa Rica continues to have the highest gasoline prices in Central America, according to a study reported

Super gasoline was $5.38 a gallon during the week of Oct. 5 to 12, the business news service said.  Nicaragua was second highest with a gallon price of $4.72. Prices ranged down to $3.94 in Panamá, said the Web site.

Plus gas in Costa Rica, called regular elsewhere, was $5.24 a gallon here and  $4.51 in Nicaragua. Prices ranged down to  $3.72 in Panamá.

Diesel, $ 4.85 in Costa Rica, ranged down to $ 3.71, again in Panamá.

Panamá had the highest liquid natural gas price at $3.03 a gallon. Costa Rica’s price was $2.89.

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