Events will highlight spooks and goblins a la Tica

Because Halloween is Thursday, the country has a bit more than a week of the spooks, goblins and things that go bump and grind in the night.

Aserrí is hosting the Costa Rican counter to Halloween Sunday with its parade ofmascaradas, the topic of a news storyThursday. There are Halloween parties Saturday at many nightspots including the famous Hotel Del Rey and the adjacent Key Largo downtown. Other venues have their parties scheduled for next week.

Saturday in Heredia Centro there is another effort to promote Costa Rican spooks instead of those from the north. At the Cafetería de Nuestra Tierra at least 13 storytellers will talk about the tales and legends of this country and the unique spooks that are said to inhabit the land.

The restaurant is a great place for such an event, The organizers say the two-story adobe structure can contain 500 persons. The building itself dates from the 1860s, and who ever heard of an old house that was not considered a bit haunted? The building is reported to be the only one of its kind in the entire province. It is on the south side of the  Iglesia del Carmen.

Organizers Alban Azofeifa and Ruth Torres Montero are promising appearances by el Cadejos, la Llorona, la Segua, el Fantasma, la Bruja Zárate, la Tule Vieja, el Duende Malo, el Diablo, la Muerte, la Novia Muerta, el Poeta Muerto, el Sepulturero and el Spíritu de la Moja who distributed drinking water at Hospital San Juan de Dios.

The storytellers will be dressed as their characters, an announcement said. Also promised is a  cimarrona, a brass street band, and a mascarada. The event starts at 5 p.m.

There could have been more characters. Elías Zeledón in his authoritative “Leyendas Costarricense” list 49 spectres and apparitions, and many date from pre-Colombian times. The native inhabitants also were big on supernatural explanations of daily events or mishaps.

The Spanish put a Roman Catholic veneer on some, such as El Padre sin Cabeza and el Cadejos, the giant black dog that hunts down drunken pedestrians coming from a booze party. Dundes are the Costa Rican version of gnomes who carry off rebellious children. La Llorna is universal in every Latin American country. She discarded an unwanted baby and now searches the night to recover the tot.  An unexplained screech can be attributed to her.

A country like Costa Rica that is strongly Roman Catholic certainly has a strong sense of good and evil, and most of the spooks are clearly on the evil side.

Those who are not partial to spooks have other entertainment possibilities over the weekend.

Expo Foto

Expo Foto begins today at the Antigua Aduana on Calle 23. The exhibition runs through Sunday. The event is free from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

In addition to displays of photography, the expo features workshops, discussions, movies and 22 commercial stands.  This is the third annual edition, and the show has the support of the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud.

A focus of the show are 55 photos that have been selected from 945 entries by 213 persons with 17 nationalities. Some of the photographers, mostly Latin American or Spanish, will be present, organizers said.

Three projection areas will show Costa Rican shorts continuously. And there also are showings planned of the films “Gestación” by Esteban Ramírez, “El Regreso” by Hernán Jiménez and “Historia de un Oscar” by Dyrson Brown, organizers said.

A brief program is HERE!

German unification concert

The Banda de Conciertos de San José will be celebrating German unification Sunday at 11 a.m. at the Museo Nacional in the downtown. The celebration marks the end of the division of East and West Germany and the sponsor is the German Embassy.

The event is part of the Música en el Museo program that brings the band to the museum once a month. Admission is free for residents.

Naturally the works will be those of German composers, including Ludwig Van Beethoven and Richard Wagner.

The embassy also will have an informational booth for those who might want to study, learn about scholarships or become conversant in the language, said an announcement.

United Nations Day

Saturday at Parque La Libertad, Fátima de Desamparados there is a festival marking United Nations Day from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The Festival de la Amistad y la Convivencia will have cooking contests, traditional games, a skating tournament and a concert.

The park is the metro area’s newest.

Boruca annual festival 

The Festival Cultural Indígena Curré / Yimba 2013 takes place Saturday in southwest Costa Rica. This is the 21st annual edition.

The goal of the Boruca residents is to expose the public to their culture and traditions, said the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud, which is a sponsor.

On display at the Rey Curré communal hall will be art, music, foods, traditional drinks and traditional medicine, said an announcement. Visitors will have a chance to tour a pre-Columbian cemetery and a Boruca archaeological site, it said. The event is from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., and the communal hall is 32 kilometers south of Buenos Aires de Puntarenas,

Saturday the Museo Nacional will be providing guided tours of local archaeological sites to Curré, Boruca and Térraba youngsters.

The location will be Finca 6 where Francisco Corrales and Silvia Lobo of the Museo Nacional will talk about the site. This is where many of the nation’s giant stone balls have been found. Corrales, an archaeologist, is in charge of setting up a museum there.

The plan is to introduce the youngsters to the site and  build community projects for conservation and defending the national heritage.

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