Fútbol tonight, and Canadian Thanksgiving Monday

Costa Rica battled the U.S. national soccer team in a Colorado snowstorm. This afternoon the team will be enduring the heat of San Pedro Sula as it takes on Honduras.

The game is more important to Honduras than Costa Rica, because the Tico national team already has qualified for the 2014 World Cup.  There are similar World Cup preliminary matches tonight all over the globe.

There are other important dates in the next few days. The Limón Carnival starts today.

Saturday is the Día de las Culturas and some events for the weekend were outlined inThursday’s newspaper.

Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving, but there is no particular ceremony planned here.

A Canadian said that the festivities would mainly be dinner at home.

Monday is a big day for Costa Rica. That is when a hearing starts in the International Court of Justice over the dredging and digging by Nicaragua to open up a new mouth for the Río San Juan through Costa Rican territory.

In its request, Costa Rica further contends that “through its construction and ongoing dredging of the canals, Nicaragua is attempting unilaterally to modify, to its own benefit, the location and configuration of the river, the right bank of which constitutes a valid, agreed and settled international boundary,” said the court in announcing the agenda.

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