Here is a sure way to confirm that Christmas is just around the corner

Another sure sign that the holidays are coming is police confiscation of fireworks coming from other countries.

Officers in Golfito did so Sunday when they searched the luggage compartment of a San José-bound bus from Paso Canoas. They said they found 31 boxes containing 77,500 individual fireworks. The explosives were worth about 700,000 colons or about $1,400.

The rule in Costa Rica is if it explodes it is illegal. Fireworks vendor stands pop up around Christmas ostensibly to sell legal fireworks. But they have been known to have products under the table.

Each year the Hospital Nacional de los Niños and police agencies embark on a campaign to reduce or eliminate the number of children who are injured by exploding fireworks. Nevertheless, the sky all over the country is lighted by serious rockets at the stroke of midnight New Year’s.

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